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Give the Gift of Water: Fill a Water Truck

The Horn of Africa is in the midst of the worst drought in 40 years. Wells, cisterns, and natural earth dams have dried up. Drilling bore holes is no longer a possibility since the water table is so low. 

In Somaliland in particular, pastoral communities who depend on water, not only for themselves but for their animals, are suffering as their livestock die.  And in times of extreme heat, they have no idea where their next cup of water is coming from, much less where their livestock will drink or feed.

“Before [the drought], our animals fed us; now we have to feed them, they are dying, and we are next.”

This is why Plan International, along with our local partners, are providing emergency water trucking to communities most affected by the drought. It is the only solution in an area where no rain has left the ground cracked and dry.  

But we need your help to keep the water trucks coming. Two water trucks a week are needed to sustain a community like Garbis, a village in the Maroodi-Jeeh Region of Somaliland, through the drought – this adds up to over 100 water trucks a year for just one community.  

Women and children in a village in the Maroodi-Jeeh Region of Somaliland collect water from a cistern that has been replenished by Plan International and our local partner.

When the water trucks arrive, families who have gathered at the cistern with jerry cans and water barrels hurry to fill them as soon as the water starts to flow and the urgent need for water is clear: they depend on this water to survive. 

Your life-saving gift ensures that people are able to continue their livelihoods and provide food for their families.  

Help Fill a Water Truck

The approximate cost for a full water truck is €200. This can provide a community with water for about 3 days. Please help us fill a truck.

I would like to make a donation of

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