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Tax Efficient Giving

The Charity Tax Back Scheme is Free and Easy

Now you can give more children a better life today, without donating an extra cent. Have you donated over €250 to Plan International in any of the last four years? If you have, firstly we would like to say thank you. Thank you for making a life-long impact on the lives of vulnerable children, especially girls, around the world.

How your signature today, could transform a girl’s life tomorrow

Due to a government scheme called “Tax Back”, if you give €250 or more in a year, we can claim up to an additional 45% on your gifts. That’s an additional €112.33 or even more to help transform the lives of children around the world. And it won’t cost you a cent. Just a few minutes of your time.

Please click here to download your form.

If everyone was to send back their tax forms, we could unlock millions of much-needed income to help give vulnerable children a better life. But we cannot do anything unless our supporters sign and return their tax forms.

Making your donation grow in 3 simple steps:

1.Download your tax form

2. Fill in the blanks including your PPS number and signature

3. Return the form to: Plan International Ireland, 11 Harrington Street, FREEPOST, Dublin 8

How do I qualify? You must have donated €250 or more in any of the past four years

  • You must have donated €250 or more in any of the past four years
  • All taxpayers are eligible (PAYE & Self-Assessed)
  • One standard tax rate applies for everyone
  • One form will cover you for a period of five years

One form will cover you for a period of five years. For more information please see our Tax Back FAQ’s or contact us on (01) 568 5861 or at info@plan.ie

How your tax helps

Mariam, 16 lives in the Mande community in Mali

By returning your tax form today, you can release vital fund for girls like Mariam and Sitan, both 16.

Read their story here.

Tax Efficient Giving – Frequently Asked Questions
How does Tax Efficient Giving work?
If you have kindly donated more than €250 to Plan International Ireland in a calendar year, you can authorise Plan International Ireland to claim up to 45% tax back on your generous donation(s). You can download a CHY 3 tax form from Revenue via the link at the top of the page. Please include your PPS number and signature and return your completed CHY3 form to Plan International Ireland, 11 Harrington Street, Dublin 8. Unfortunately, you cannot submit this to Revenue yourself, as it needs to come from a registered charity.
By how much will the value of my donation increase? 
You donation will be worth an additional 44.9%. A signature turns a yearly donation of €250 into €362.25.
Which donations qualify for Tax Efficient Giving?
If you are currently sponsoring a child, then you are likely to be eligible. If you have made a donation to the Girl’s Fund or through an appeal then you are eligible. If you raised money for a challenge, or if you donated through your company, then these particular donations are not eligible. If you have received an email, or a letter from us in relation to the Tax Efficient Giving scheme, this means you’re all good to go! If you’re unsure, just drop us an email on info@plan.ie or call on 01 568 5861.
I haven’t given to Plan International in a number of years, why are you calling me now?
We do everything we can to help donors make their contribution go as far as possible. This means contacting sponsors who may have donated in the past, whose donations are still available for Tax Efficient Giving. There are just a few months left to ensure your donations from 2019 can be claimed on for Tax Relief, and we’re hoping to make as big an impact as possible on the world’s most vulnerable children before the year is through.
I already signed the form before, why am I being asked to sign it again?
If you signed an enduring form and you’re hearing from us again about Tax Efficient Giving, it means your previous form has expired and needs to be renewed. Keep an eye on correspondence from us to let you know the first tax year to which your new CHY form applies. It will be the year after the expiry of your previous CHY3. If unsure, just call or email to check with us.
Where do I find my PPS number?
You will find your PPS number an all correspondence from the Revenue Commissioners or on your work pay slip. It’s a seven-digit number with one (or sometimes two) letters at the end.
Can I trust you to keep this information private?
We adhere to the highest standards of confidentiality in Plan International and ensure that all data gathered, held and processed is done so in accordance with the Data Act 2018 and GDPR. The information you provide us on the form will not be used for anything else other than the purpose it was provided for. You don’t need to disclose which rate of tax you pay, or even if you self-assessed.
Can I email you the form?
No, we currently can’t accept forms by email. However, you will have received a letter with your CHY3 cert and in this is included a personalised URL where you can fill the form out online.
Will the tax claim effect my tax status or the tax I pay?
Signing the form and giving permission for a charity to claim does not cost you anything, nor affect your tax status in any way.
I’m not a taxpayer but my spouse is – can my donations still be tax-effective?
If you are jointly assessed as a couple either party can sign the form their own PPS number.
What if I’m a pensioner, or I’m not employed?
If you have a pension, investments or any other means on which you pay either income or capital gains tax, we can claim on this amount.
I’m self-employed/self-assessed – don’t I get the tax relief myself?
Since 1 Jan 2013, self-assessed and PAYE taxpayers are treated the same – all tax relief goes to the charity, not the taxpayer. So, while you don’t get the relief yourself, your donations to Plan International Ireland can be worth 44.9% more, at no extra cost to you.
How much tax do I have to pay for the charity to benefit?
The amount of tax you pay should at least equal the tax that we are going to claim in respect of your donations. For example, if you donated €1,000 to the Plan International Ireland, your tax paid for that year should be at least €449. If not, Revenue will not give us the full rebate.
What if I donate to more than one charity?
You can send in a completed CHY3 form to every charity you have donated more than €250. We only reclaim tax on the donations you made to the Plan International Ireland. All charities can claim separately for donations you’ve made, €250 or above.
Do I need to sign this form for each year I donate to Plan International Ireland?
Not if you sign the CHY3 form. When you sign it, you give us permission to claim for five years, starting from the year on the form. If you don’t want to give us permission for 5 years, please ask for the CHY4 form which is valid for just one tax year. However, signing the CHY3 form is more effective as it lowers administration costs and will ensure your donations are being used most efficiently.
If I sign the CHY3 form, am I committed to donating yearly?
No, the CHY3 form is not a commitment on your part to donate anything. We can only claim the tax back as long as you are a supporter of the Plan International Ireland.
Can I cancel an Enduring Certificate?
Yes, Enduring Certificates can be cancelled. If you wish to cancel your CHY3 Tax Form with Plan International, us on 01 568 5861 or info@plan.ie. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and help in any way we can.
Why am I receiving a phone call about tax relief?
If you have been contacted by a Plan International Ireland representative by telephone, it is because your donations throughout the years amount to a tax-efficient sum and Plan International can claim tax back on these donations. This phone call would have been to ask your permission to a) send you a CHY3 certificate through the post or b) renew your CHY3 form over the phone.

Please note, no Plan representative will ask for your PPS number over the phone.  

If you are a long-term supporter of Plan International Ireland, we may already have a CHY3 certificate with signature and PPS number on file. You may be contacted to renew this CHY3 form over the phone.  

For renewing a CHY3 Tax Back form over the phone the following criteria needs to be met:  

  • If you agree to the renewal of the CHY Form by telephone, the following details should be confirmed during the conversation: your name and address 
  • If your address differs to that on record, supporting documentation should be requested to confirm your identity e.g. email address or monthly amount (donation)  
  • You must consent to renew the CHY certificate enabling tax relief in respect of donations to the relevant charity for a further period  
  • Phonecalls must be recorded in order for this renewal to be valid.